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Cambridge Chiropractor Offers Advanced Solutions

Aru Chiropractic Adds Life to Your Years

Proudly serving our community since 2008, Cambridge chiropractor Dr. James Aru specializes in providing natural health care to all ages, including athletes and infants. The Aru Chiropractic goal is to have you enjoy life to the fullest, free from pain. We’ve helped thousands of people feel better and see results, even when they haven’t seen success through other health care options.

Get Back to Being Active

We won’t claim to cure any condition. Instead, we focus on making your everyday living more enjoyable. You might be able to stop taking medications, return to your sport faster or just feel able to be more active than you used to be. We provide relief for aches and pains so that you can be more energetic.

The services you’ll find at our office include

  • Chiropractic care
  • Massage therapy
  • Orthotics
  • Shockwave therapy

Experience Better Health With a Personalized Plan

Your visits start with a comprehensive, detailed examination while we listen carefully to
understand how we can help you. You’ll receive a full explanation of how our customized
plan gets you results. We offer both traditional chiropractic methods and instrument-based
adjustments, getting you feeling better in the most effective, safe ways available.

Schedule a convenient appointment during our flexible hours. Find out why we’re the 2014
Opencare Patient’s Choice Winner for 2014!

Dr. James Aru | Cambridge Chiropractor | (519) 623-5777